Is it necessary to hire a designer to repair the apartment


Modern families more and more often order the services of a designer to repair the apartment. And many of their friends are perplexed — «Why did you spend so much? Couldn’t you have chosen your own wallpaper and lighting?» And on the one hand they are right — if you want to leave everything as it is, just to freshen up the interior, you can buy new wallpaper, paint and chandeliers yourself. But this will work, provided that you know exactly what you want, trust your taste, and you have enough free time to go shopping, look through catalogs and choose.

And here if you want to change your house, or if you bought an apartment in a new building, and you need a complete turnkey repair, then the work is more global. How to make the interior exactly as you imagined? Where to get the materials? How to add comfort, style, make the room more comfortable? Or maybe you do not know what you want, but you want it to turn out well? In this case, a pleasant hassle becomes quite unpleasant, and it makes sense to think about ordering the services of a designer to repair the apartment.

Why do I need a designer?

If you want to repair in an interesting style, or to use rationally each meter of your apartment, and thus fit into a certain budget, here you can not do without the help of a specialist. If you try to do everything yourself, without a clear understanding and knowledge, you may spend a lot more money than if you would trust a professional. Imagine that you have already bought the materials, stripped the walls, threw out the old furniture and are ready to begin, and then it turns out that the entire budget was spent on rough work, and there is not enough money for cosmetic repairs, new furniture and decorations. To avoid this, you need a clear plan, the ability to plan the budget and know where to get good materials. This is what a competent designer is for.

The interior designer first gets to know your wishes, how much money you are willing to spend, and in accordance with this information will make a design project, a list of materials and make an estimate. You would be surprised to learn how much should be taken into account — not only the number of rolls of wallpaper, kilograms of plaster and other finishing materials, but even how many pieces of sockets or other details. And the task of the designer is to calculate it all so that there will be enough and no surplus that you won’t know where to store.

In addition, when creating a new interior, it’s important to consider not only how you like particular details, whether it’s wallpaper, tiles, fittings, and so on, but also how they will fit together and what impression the room will create as a result. The designer already has experience in this kind of business, so he will make sure that each room and the apartment as a whole looked harmonious and comfortable, rather than garish.

The next step is to hire a team of workers and monitor the precise execution of the work to end up with exactly what was in the plan. If you do not have time or desire to control the repair process, then the designer’s supervision will help you here. After all, his task — not only to think up a project, but also to manage its implementation, freeing you from unnecessary trouble.

Can you do without a designer?

The work of an interior designer includes:

  • сreating a sketch design project (a general outline with your ideas);
  • а working design project (with figures and drawings, for builders);
  • kitting (selection of materials, furniture, etc.).

If you realize that a full-fledged designer’s work you can not afford, but still want to get a beautiful and comfortable interior, you can apply to a design studio or a freelance designer and ask to make for you only a rough draft. Then you will understand in what direction to move, and then independently have to calculate, purchase and perform everything. The cost of such services is much lower than a comprehensive job, but the result will be better than relying completely on your intuition.

How to choose a designer for the repair of the apartment?

If you’ve been thinking for a long time whether you need a designer for repairs and decided that I do, now the main question — how to choose a specialist who meets your expectations and will not waste your money.

Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a specialist:

    1. Look at the designer’s other work — you should like the style in which he works, be close to what you imagine for yourself.
    2. The designer himself should be pleasant to you as a person — repairs can last for weeks or even months, so it’s better to trust someone you want to trust.
    3. It is important that the portfolio contains not only sketches, but also real photos of already completed projects.
    4. Price. Of course, we all want to save some money, but remember that the price may correspond to the quality, and too cheap designer will make you a worse result than it was. The average adequate price for the designer is $ 20–50 per sq. m.
    5. Presence of author’s supervision. What we talked about above — the accompaniment of works, supervision over the project, as well as the selection and coordination of materials. This option shall be paid separately, but greatly simplifies the repair and saves you a lot of time.

The final result will depend primarily on the task — it may be that you want a very extravagant design, the implementation of which would not be under everyone’s power. Do not expect that the designer will turn out to be a magician, but without his help you will spend on repairs much more money and time, which could have been spent much more pleasant.